Days are bygone when females could be forced to use a pen name in the literature arena. A world where women were not expected to attempt in male dominated careers. It was evident that science and all technical subjects science and all technical subjects were upheld for men.

As Kenya wakes up to a new dawn, of improved infrastructure, women are on the front line. On 31-05-2017 president of the republic of Kenya Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta boarded a SGR from Mombasa Terminus to Nairobi. The two ladies Elizabeth Wanjala and Shalom Njeri who are merely 23 years old and 27 years old respectively loudly reminded women that what a man can do a woman can do better.

Francis Imbuga in the play ‘Aminata’ tries to depit the oppression of women by cruel traditions. The two ladies have tried to exhibit the strength in them and womanhood concealed. It is also good for Kenyans to nullify the political border lines and admit that the SGR is one of the  successful project since independent Kenya. The social media has since the launch of the SGR at Miritini become very noisy and criticized with strongest words possible.

In the recent years, Kenya has made an applaudable strides in the improvement of infrastructure. Former president Mwai Kibaki made Kenya proud by making Thika super highway a reality.

I personally celebrate the success achieved by Kenyan women. I want to echo that the position of a woman is no longer in the kitchen but rather in the nation building. The late professor Wangari Mathai’s efforts and determination have seen many woman follow the suit.

The gender gap should closely be looked into and women be given equal opportunity. Women have had good record in leadership this is by looking at the world leaders. It is in record that many have proved to be good presidents and prime ministers in the present world. Countries like Liberia, Switzerland, south Korea and Brazil among others have ladies as the heads of state.

The first African captain on the world’s latest aircraft, boeing B787 dreamliner  Irene  Koki Mutungi deserves extolment for daring to venture in male dominated career.

Names which shake the male dominated field include Kizzie shako, Pathologist at the Kenya Police Surgery Department, Pilot Elizabeth Wakesho the pioneer in the aviation world and  Fatumah Ahmed the brigadier in the Kenya Defense force among many others.

In a comprehensive autobiography of Elizabeth Mumbi Madoka who served Mzee Jomo Kenyatta for twenty  three years as a social secretary says, “After a while however, I began to feel that my duties  held little challenge I thought about following a different career path and started sending out a few job applications.” (Pg 34) Mumbi was then at Prisons Department but later got a job with Barclays bank. She later says in the autobiography that she found the job at Barclays challenging as she preferred.

It is also good to note that, boy child should not be forgotten altogether.  In the campaign to empower the girl child, the boy child can easily be left very many miles behind. It is in this appeal that we should all preach equality in our society.


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