Colour is a tool mostly used as a channel to communicate. The term colour can also be refered to as hue which initiates the beauty of something. There are different types of colours which can be classified into different categories. These categories are namely; primary colours,secondary colours and tertiary colours. Colour makes the background of something to look beautiful. All artists feel connected to colours because it creates the theme of their message. There are some colours which are mostly used and are refered as primary colours. It is also good to note that certain colours can be used for specific purpose.

One function of colour is that it devises beauty. Example is during wedding where couples have to choose their theme through colour. Mostly, many couples prefer bright colours for weddings e.g yellow and blue. When the colours are blended well, the occasion becomes vivacious and stunning. There are also other occasions where individuals need to choose colour to create the theme. These occasions include the parties, burial ceremony, festivals and many others. It is important to add that there are specific colours for specific occasions. Example, colour white is mostly used to signify peace whereas red can be used to imply danger.

Colour can also be used as a symbol as mentioned above. It can be used as means of non verbal communication. For instance, people carrying white flags will be most probably passing a message of peace to the society. In connection to that, the colours in national flags also carry a meaning. Example, the flag of Kenya has four colours which are; red white, green and black. Red indicates the blood that was shed by freedom fighters, white stands for peace, green stands for vegetation while black for our dark skin.

It is therefore, important to recognise the impact of colour in our surrounding. When we dress we should be able to identify what colours we should choose for specific occasions. It will be also easy to interpret certain messages passed to us through use of colour. Lastly, my polite reminder is that, we should appreciate the beauty created by colours in our surrounding.