Hearken to me you mama. Mama I am uncontrollably in tears because of the disgrace that you have induced in me. October 4, 2015 I happened to be among the students who were arrested by the police in a disco hall in Eldoret. Consent me to blame you on the whole predicament. You are a mother who has failed her child; mama you have failed. The day you brought the ogre you call husband in our house is when the puzzle started. Allow me to put some sense in your mind that, that man is not my father; he cannot even qualify to be my washroom’s mat. He is an awful and wicked creature to ever exist under the sun.

Mama you permitted that black-hearted man to brew liquor in my late father’s homestead. Would you brag that my late father is gratified to see him wander in his compound? Answer me mama-speak! How many nights was I forced to attend to drunkard men at the middle of the night? Mama, were you dim-witted?

Days in days out, you never bothered whether it tormented my heart. Woman you also became evil; villain. At school I unexceptionally had a fight with my teachers. Mwalimu never had slightest idea that I was in agony. My homework always remained incomplete, I slumbered in class and was always puzzling. The principal has always been questioning me about my absenteeism. Mama you forced me to do your duties as if I was not your own.

To intensify the matter your dear husband had made me his second wife. Mama I have been your co-wife. And you proved not to care when you started taking liquor and slept like a corpse. Down on the mat where I slept occasionally struggled with that evil man as he tried to defile me. The worst happened the day he took my virginity away. I sobbed the whole night and even wanted to attempt suicide. Mama I helped you and ‘dad’ to sell chang’aa but even getting sanitary pads remained an illusion.

I had to seek solace in drugs and alcohol which made me to slip off from reality. The previous incident at Eldoret is just an icing on the cake. Mama I have been a drug addict. But how could you know? You devil-care-mother. I have been drinking myself to death. The party at the dance hall in Eldoret was a good opportunity for me to sell bhang in bulky. Mama that is how I get money to buy my personal effects because you cannot even buy for me a toilet paper. Woman you are a disgrace to Kenyan mothers.

As I lament, I am in a far away town. Now that am here I will not see that monstrous-looking face of your so called husband. I have fastened to leave the old behind because I have acquired guardians as I unfold. Mama I am disappointed in you. I cannot stop asking myself if I really belong to you. Mama did you carry me in your womb for nine months? It is so unfortunate that you kept the lion together with the lamb.

Be told you society, that on a former occasion with my Cucu she told me that children belong to the society. You society have absconded your undertaking. It is for a fact that nobody cares what children do and nobody lends them an ear. Teachers, I argue you to get closer to students and you will come to a realization that some of us need you more as parents. I beseech my society to take up the challenge. Awaken for salvage.


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