Teacher’s own assessment

After along day in class, a teacher requires to assess himself or herself to determine wether the objectives are met. The teacher should have an inward push of teaching because many have said a number of times that teaching is a call.

It is very important that the teacher has all the proffesional documents that are required to facilitate a smooth teaching and learning situation. It is very hard for a teacher to assess himself or herself without these important tools. These document include;
>The schemes of work
>The lesson plan
>The record of work covered
>The progress record

The teacher is complete with all these documents and can easially make own assessment. The assesment could be either immediately after the lesson or after a specified period of time. The teacher can use the scheme of work to identify the topics already covered. This ensures that the teacher can arrange for remedial classes if there are topics which are not taught.

The lesson plan can be used to identify wether the strategies used were effective. This enables the teacher to apply an alternative strategy in future. This strategies can only be identified during planning time.

Therefore, using the said documents the teacher can easily identify wether objectives are met.